What to Do About the New Supply When You Co-Parent with a Narcissist

Tips and tricks for dealing with your emotions about the new supply

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First, realize the new supply is just another tactic the narcissist uses to punish you for leaving. The narcissist is weak and can not be alone or use self-reflection to heal and grow. The narcissist takes your leaving as the ultimate betrayal and will become obsessed with punishing you.


The new supply is a tool and the narcissist is using her just like you were used. That is the painful truth of the situation you have to face.


If you don't have to be part of the narcissist’s life go no contact. If you co-parent be as low contact as possible.

Block the narcissist, the new supply, and any known flying monkeys on social media so you aren’t tempted to look at what they are doing and to keep your life as protected from them as possible.

Detach emotionally from their craziness.

Use radical acceptance of who the narcissist is so you won’t be surprised about what he may try next to get to you.

Set boundaries for family events. Have a plan beforehand of how you will conduct yourself. You can choose to talk to them or not.

Do your best not to act in the way the narcissist is hoping. No drama. Do the opposite of what he expects and remain calm and collected. He is no longer allowed to push your buttons. You are free from manipulation. Choose how you want to be seen by others not how he wants you to be seen.

Do what is best for your children emotionally, mentally, and physically. The narc and new supply do not have their best interest in mind. You need to make them the priority over the juvenile mind games and stupidity of the narcissist.

Don’t reach out to the new supply. The narcissist has already set you up to seem crazy if you try to warn him/her.

Put your energy back into yourself, your healing, and your future instead of the new supply and the narcissist. What do you want to do with this energy to benefit you and your children? Harness this energy into…



Julia Freeman, Trauma Recovery Coach in training

I believe survivors of narcissistic abuse and domestic violence deserve to live in freedom and peace.