Rebuilding Trust With Kids

Parenting After Trauma

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Being in a traumatic relationship can cause damage to all of your close relationships. If you have been through a high-conflict divorce your relationship with your child may have changed. Often, children need to learn to trust their parents again after divorce. There is hope that as you heal and change your life your relationship with your children will improve. Here are some ways to rebuild trust with your children.

Rebuilding Trust With Kids

Traumatic relationships don’t give you much time for anything beyond survival. When the chaos after a messy breakup settles you may realize your relationship with your children has been damaged. Is it possible to repair the damage done? There is always hope for change even if it takes lots of time and work.

What is the saying? Time heals all wounds? That may be true but difficult if you are parenting children and want a better future for them.

Don’t despair. As you heal you will become a better parent. You can learn new parenting methods, like gentle parenting, to help you reconnect with your children.

Safe Space

The first step in rebuilding trust with kids is giving them a safe space to live and communicate. I am speaking of a literal safe space…



Julia Freeman, Trauma Recovery Coach

I believe survivors of narcissistic abuse and domestic violence deserve to live in freedom and peace.