Parenting With Self-Compassion After Trauma

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If you are a trauma survivor parenting can be healing but also difficult. If your child is also a survivor your journey as a parent can be even more complex. You may become triggered by things your children do or say.

Parenting with self-compassion helps you let go of trying to be the perfect parent and enjoy the journey of raising children. When you parent with self-compassion you help yourself heal from your past.

Table of Contents

· Your Child’s Behavior Might Trigger You
· Letting Go of Being a Perfect Parent
· Parenting With Self-Compassion
· Self-Compassion Practice
· Parent With Fierce Self-Compassion

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Your Child’s Behavior Might Trigger You

If your child’s other parent is a cause of the trauma you are overcoming you may find yourself angry at your child for no particular reason. If you dig further into the situation you may realize your child used a similar mannerism, choice of words, or facial expression as their other parent. If you are used to seeing…



Julia Freeman, Trauma Recovery Coach

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