Parallel Parenting With A Narcissist Will Make Your Life Better

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Are you struggling to co-parent with a narcissist? Parallel parenting with a narcissist may make your life better. There are many elements to parallel parenting; the parenting plan, communication, meeting safely, and setting strong boundaries. Parallel parenting can change the toxic dynamic and protect you from further emotional abuse from the narcissist.

Peaceful parallel parenting is better for the children than chaotic co-parenting. If you are facing power struggles, abusive communication, and counter-parenting I think parallel parenting will help you improve your situation.

Table of Contents

· Successful Co-Parenting May Never Be An Option
· Power Struggles
· Counter-Parenting
· Parallel Parenting with a Narcissist
· Following the Parenting Schedule
· Protect Your Mental Health
· Build Your Support System
· What Is in the Best Interest of the Child?
· Teach Your Children to Take Care of Their Own Needs at the Narcissistic Parent’s House
· One Good Parent
· Clear Boundaries for Communication
Good boundaries to Set Include:
· Co-Parenting App
· Phone Calls with the Children
· Phone Calls from Your Co-Parent
· Text Messages
· Email
· Firm Boundaries for Custody Exchanges
· Professional Help
· Best Thing for Your Future

Successful Co-Parenting May Never Be An Option

Even with the best-laid plans your co-parent may still go by their own set of rules for parenting your children which can cause havoc for your household.

Co-parenting with a difficult person may be especially frustrating in the beginning. They will try to push your boundaries, cause chaos at custody exchanges, and refuse to agree on things like…



Julia Freeman, Trauma Recovery Coach

I believe survivors of narcissistic abuse and domestic violence deserve to live in freedom and peace.