Nerding Out on the Process of Writing

how I keep my work organized

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Today I’m going to share my system for planning and following through with my writing here on Medium.

I’m a paper and pen kinda girl so don’t read expecting to see any high-tech options, lol. Someday, I might be able to remember to check in with my computer to follow through on my promises to myself. For now, I have to write things down with an actual pen on paper to achieve my goals.

Here’s my method

Daily Planner

I keep a planner for my daily content. I choose something I like and that will make me smile to see it all year. The one I have now is colorful and has a new motivational message for each week. I like something that is medium-sized and just big enough for all my scribbles. It needs to be lined because I’m a messy writer.

In my planner for each day I list “write” and “comments” and then I fill in my progress as I go. In the rest of the space for each day I will write out what I need to do that day and then what I actually do. As I finish my work for one day I can note what I need to do the next day or later in the week. This keeps me on track with my publication schedule.

My goal is to write every day even if it is only for five minutes and only a list of topic ideas. The more I write the more I write. Ha! It really does work for me. When I’m having one of those days where everything is going wrong I will force myself to grab a notebook and write at least a sentence even if I just complain about my horrible day.

Content Calendar

I have recently started using a content calendar and find it is a good resource to help me see at a glance what is going on for my week and any areas I may be neglecting.

I drew out a calendar on a large piece of paper but you could find a large desk calendar to use instead. I might do that later. I find using a straight edge to draw out a calendar relaxing and satisfying. It is sort of a meditative process for me. Weird? Maybe. :-)

I use my calendar to list and plan all of my online content. Currently, mine includes Medium articles, podcast episodes, and social media postings. If I list my plan…



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