Mom Screws Up First Day of School

Kindergarten student gives her the “mom” look

Some days I believe Lucille Ball and I would have been kindred spirits. I somehow get myself into mishaps without trying. I take the wrong turn and get lost while using google maps at least once a week. I mix up times and numbers. I’m just a goofball sometimes.

The first day of school for my youngest child turned out to be a typical episode in my life. In our lives? Poor children. They didn’t sign up for this.

We were all excited about the day. The youngest would ride the bus for the first time. Older sister would be in full big-girl mode as she watched over her sister and walked her to her new classroom.

We all headed down to the bus stop. I took photos. We waved goodbye and blew each other kisses and then I headed back inside to pack my lunch for work.

As I was about to step out the door the phone rang.

“Hello, is this the mother of L?”

“Yes,” I responded. My brain went straight to panic mode. Did she have a fever? Had the dreaded Corona come for us?

“Today is the last day of staggered class times for kindergarten students. They start school tomorrow. Your daughter is waiting in the office for you.”

“Uh, okay, I’ll be right down to get her.”

Hmm, typical. Of course, I would send her a day early! But at least it wasn’t the Corona.

I walked into the office and saw my little girl sitting there like she owned the place.

“Mom, it’s a gaggerday.”

“I know. I’m sorry.”

As we drove home she told me she knew it was a “gaggerday” and I should have listened to her. Then she gave me a long, fierce, “mom” look. I hope I never see that look again. Yikes!

I dropped little miss off at home with her older sister and headed off to work. Driving along I thought I better call and make sure everything was okay. My little girl answered on the first ring, assured me she was fine, and then said a crisp goodbye and hung up. Ouch!

One day we’ll have a funny story to share and I think we just started a new family holiday: Not the First Day of School.

See you in the next episode of mom-antics. Thanks for reading.



Julia Freeman, Trauma Recovery Coach in training

I believe survivors of narcissistic abuse and domestic violence deserve to live in freedom and peace.