Learning to Accept Compliments

Helps You Heal From Trauma

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Did you know that learning to accept compliments can help you heal from trauma and low self-esteem?

Trauma survivors have a difficult time receiving compliments from others. It can be painful to accept compliments when your inner critic becomes activated and refuses to believe anything good about you.

You may have been given backhanded compliments by someone who was supposed to love you and are now suspicious of any kind words directed your way. Learning to accept compliments from those who truly love you will take time and practice.

Why should you learn to take compliments? It is good to let others value you for who you are. It teaches you the value you have to others. Learning you are valuable rebuilds your confidence and sense of self after suffering abuse and trauma.

It is just downright good for us to receive compliments to help us know more about who we are.

Table of Contents

· Learning to Accept Compliments
· Inner Critic
· How Accepting Kind Words Heals Trauma
· Accepting Praise
· What to Do with Positive Feedback
· Gifting Sincere Compliments to Others



Julia Freeman, Trauma Recovery Coach

I believe survivors of narcissistic abuse and domestic violence deserve to live in freedom and peace.