How To Respond To A Narcissist Text From An Aggressive Co-Parent

Or how not to become supply for the drama-seeking narcissist


How do you continue to live in peace while texting with a narcissist? You set strong boundaries. You learn how to reply to their messages in a way that keeps them from taking the discussion off-topic. You stop reacting and start responding to cut out the drama and maintain your sense of peace. Let’s dig into the details of how to respond to a narcissist text from a co-parent.

Table of Contents

· A Narcissist’s Text Messages Can Make You Feel Crazy
· To The Trusted Friend
· There is Always Hope for Emotional Wellbeing
· Examples of Narcissistic Text Messages
· This is Narcissistic Abuse
· Manipulative Tactics
· The Biggest Mistake You Are Probably Making
· How to Starve Them of Narcissistic Supply
· The Importance of Protecting Your Mental Health
· Establishing Firm Boundaries
· Examples of Healthy Boundaries
· No Need for a Text Conversation
· Email Only?
· Text and Email
· How to Respond to a Narcissist Text and Email Message
· Example Responses
· Problem-Solving
· Professional Help is Available
· Co-Parenting Counseling
· Legal Help
· Acknowledge Your Positive Progress



Julia Freeman, Trauma Recovery Coach

I believe survivors of narcissistic abuse and domestic violence deserve to live in freedom and peace.