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  • J. Whit

    J. Whit

    Serious business woman.

  • Kathy Kirkpatrick

    Kathy Kirkpatrick

    Self-diagnosed codependent recovering from effects of narcissistic rage. Medium helped me, so I am writing about my experience to help others.

  • DirenAlexander


    I write short, fictional stories on self-improvement 🙂 #selfimprovement

  • Erin M. Nanasi

    Erin M. Nanasi

    I write. My coping skills are a dark sense of humor, coffee, swearing, and hugging trees. I want a pony. Find me on Twitter https://twitter.com/Writer_EMNanasi.

  • Denise Darby

    Denise Darby

    Mom of two. Poet. Life partner of 28 years. Lover of butterflies and all things alive. Seeker of the truth within and between us.

  • Bernie Pullen

    Bernie Pullen

    Life experiences intrigue me. Parenting| bereavement|memoir,|travel writer. I’m a coffee lover, I keep grounded by walking in nature, Tai Chi, and Yoga.

  • Mar Cheens

    Mar Cheens

    Mindful addiction recovery. Failing in my close relationships. Exposing my trauma, naked & afraid.

  • Rachel Anderson

    Rachel Anderson

    I want to spread a good word ♡ | visit me here: www.agoodwordcopy.com

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