remind me of my earthly and heavenly father

Fireflies, remind me of my father. He saw his first firefly when he was visiting me and my children. He lit up like a little kid and joined my little ones in trying to catch one. What a beautiful moment to share with him.

We share the magic of fireflies. I only saw them when I was on vacations with my family so I knew the wonder and happiness my father experienced when he saw his first lightning bug.

I love watching my children as they try to catch them. Even though they have grown up around them they are just as excited each year to go out and watch them in the evening.

What is the wonder? You drive home in the evening and see the lights hovering over bushes and low in the trees. It’s something magical a sparkling string of lights can never replicate. Isn’t that just how God’s creation is though? We see the beauty in it and try to make something that rivals it and falls short of the goal.

Some things are only meant to be enjoyed for a season. If we had them around us every day the wonder and joy would be taken away.

I think of the achingly beautiful first kiss, the first time you see and hold your child, falling in love, a glimpse of an amazing view, the first time you play in the ocean. I would not want all of those firsts to be on repeat.

I think we treasure these things in our heart and we are meant to so we will appreciate our Father and all He does for us.

Julia Freeman, Trauma Recovery Coach in training

I believe survivors of narcissistic abuse and domestic violence deserve to live in freedom and peace.