Finding Balance in the New Year

Here’s to a new start and getting things “right”

Photo by Márton Szalai on Unsplash

Hi! I hope you are starting off the year well. I’m writing so seems I’m off to a good start after being silent here for so long.

This year I am choosing the word, Balance for my word of the year.


That seems like a pipe dream for this single mom. I was going to choose Love or Wealth but each of those words seemed too easy. Yes, I’m mostly kidding around. But really, trying to balance everything I have going on seems more difficult than looking for love or making more money.

I think finding balance will set me up for the other things I would like to find; health, strength, healing from abuse, love, wealth, a clean house, and happy kids.

Are you asking what this has to do with you? Let me tell you. Balance means I will be setting aside time to write and publish here on a regular schedule. It means I won’t get burnt out and disappear for a month at a time. Yikes!

To find balance with my online presence I will have to get a month ahead on my written content and on my podcast. To get ahead I may have to publish less often at first until I get things scheduled out for a month.

So you may see less of me now to see more of me later.

Um, do you even want to hear from me? Hee, hee.

If you have chosen a word for the new year will you share it in the comments? Feel free to share any goals you have made as well. I think it’s energizing and inspiring to hear what others are working towards.

Happy New Year!

Off to get those dishes caught up and work on Balance today.



Julia Freeman, Trauma Recovery Coach

I believe survivors of narcissistic abuse and domestic violence deserve to live in freedom and peace.