Survivor’s Journal

Create Your Playlist

Use music to find your strength

Woman writing while listening to music
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Driving down the freeway I turned up the stereo and started singing so I would stop crying. I had just left my children after a difficult visit. I began to sing at the top of my lungs, fighting back with the words of the song. I couldn’t do anything to stop the situation but I could grow in strength and endurance.

My playlist saw me through the ups and downs of the year I left my husband. It worked for any mood I was in but was especially good when I felt defeated. I would draw courage from the words and keep moving further away from the abuser.

The other women at the shelter knew when I was having a rough day because they could hear my Girl Power playlist going. We shared songs with each other as we shared our stories. Some of my favorite songs were shared with me by other survivors.

Sometimes when I’m at the store and one of my songs is playing I almost cry at the remembrance of how I needed those words to show me the way. I have healed so much that I almost never listen to my playlist now. I have been able to leave it behind.

Your assignment this week is to think about music and how it impacts you. You may write about it in your journal if you’d like. What I really want you to do is make a playlist to inspire you to keep going and never turn back.

I’ll list some of my favorites in case you need some inspiration to get you started:

Alive by Sia

Thick Skin by Leona Lewis

A Little Bit Stronger by Sara Evans

No More by Deshai Williams

Silenced by Merci Stone

I Am Not Nothing by Beth Crowley

By Yourself by Elizabeth Eckert

Take a Bow by Rihanna

Warrior by Beth Crawley

Used to Love You by Gwen Stefani

No More Drama by Mary J. Blige

Girl on Fire by Alicia Keys

You Should Be Sad by Halsey

My playlist was completely different from any music I had listened to while I was still with the abuser. I was starting a new life and needed new music for inspiration. You could ask friends and family to send you music suggestions to help you stand strong. Many times I received a song from a friend via text or Facebook just when I needed it.

Music can help heal your soul. Please share some of your favorite songs in the comments to inspire others.

Blessings on your journey. ❤



Julia Freeman, Trauma Recovery Coach in training

I believe survivors of narcissistic abuse and domestic violence deserve to live in freedom and peace.