Becoming Stronger, Facing Fear

Your past can’t stop you


Photo by Jaqueline Fritz on Unsplash

Living in an abusive and controlling relationship sets the stage for fear to come in and take over. When you live in fear it is easier for someone else to control you. Your life becomes smaller as abuse and control take over. You become afraid to say or do the wrong thing because it may upset your abuser. This causes depression and deeper fear.

Can you begin to face your fears while still in the abusive relationship? Yes!!! I began to face my fears before I left the abuser. The question is did facing my fears enable me to leave? Possibly.

Once I left I began to work through my fears even faster. I went from weekly panic attacks and extreme anxiety to not remembering when I last had a panic attack. I have made so much progress since I left that I feel like a different person.

I pray that if you are struggling with fear that you can begin to move into and overcome the fear. I pray you are blessed with greater peace and freedom!

❤ Julia



Julia Freeman, Trauma Recovery Coach in training

I believe survivors of narcissistic abuse and domestic violence deserve to live in freedom and peace.