April Was Disappointing On This Platform

Let’s see how far my earnings dropped

Photo by Gio Bartlett on Unsplash

I think I’m tired of reporting my income each month. I’m going to do a final wrap-up of how my year of trying to make money here went as a goodbye to my monthly income posts. If anything significant happens in the future I’ll write about it. I think at this point my updates are not helpful to my readers so I will say, “peace, out.”

One thing that has been consistent is my growth in members and email subscribers. I am happy with this progress since my goal is to reach others with my message of hope for survivors.

This month I made a grand total of $37.45. Here’s how my earnings over the last year look:

May 2021 $.44

June 2021 $28.17

July 2021 $246.45

August 2021 $137.43

September 2021 $155.28

October 2021 $184.80

November 2021 $103.92

December 2021 $134.20

January 2022 $90.91

February 2022 $83.35

March 2022 $71.56

April 2022 $37.45

I am disappointed that my earnings have fallen so much. My goal was to make enough each month to support my website and podcast hosting and to pay for Kajabi so I could start my membership. It comes down to a decision on how to use my time. Do I want to spend hours a day trying to get traffic to my articles or start working on my website and membership? I have to look at the income potential of that time and spend it where I will receive the greatest payback.

Some days it just comes down to dollars and cents.

I have changed my focus for this platform to a less hands-on approach. I want to see how things will or won’t grow organically from this point forward.

So how have your writing and earnings been going? Have you gained any new insight lately?



Julia Freeman, Trauma Recovery Coach in training

I believe survivors of narcissistic abuse and domestic violence deserve to live in freedom and peace.