Living Small In a Country That Lives Large

Apartment living

Photo by vadim kaipov on Unsplash

I used to live in a giant of a house. It was five bedrooms and over 2,500 square feet and full to the brim with things. It was a lovely home that let the world know a happy family lived there. That’s what the facade led others to believe. Really, it was a prison where I battled depression and watched as my family slowly fell apart.

Now I live in a 3 bedroom apartment full of love and peace and healing. The interesting thing is during some of the worst days of my depression I longed for simplicity and dreamed of downsizing. I find it amusing that I am now living my former dream. I know someday I will buy my own home and my children and I will move from our apartment. I hope they look back on this time with fond memories as I will.

My children and I have received many benefits by downsizing to our three-bedroom apartment:

  1. I can clean my home in about an hour.
  2. Our small space keeps us from accumulating too many things. While our apartment is almost 2,000 square feet there are five of us living here full time. It almost makes it an automatic one-in, one-out lifestyle. Even so, we probably have too many things and are always decluttering. We have to walk up a few flights of stairs which is a natural deterrent to buying unnecessary items.



Julia Freeman, Trauma Recovery Coach

I believe survivors of narcissistic abuse and domestic violence deserve to live in freedom and peace.