My Story: Introduction

And had to live in a domestic violence shelter for almost a year

Two days after fleeing my angry, alcoholic husband I landed in a Domestic Violence shelter with my children. We hid there for two months until he found us on April Fool’s Day and used the court system to take them from me. The judge didn’t give me anything and left…

Living and writing as a survivor

How to speak out and live in peace

As you can hear in the audio clip you should never write the word anonymity if you will have to read it aloud.

Did you know some women go into hiding when they leave an abusive relationship? I know of women and children who have fled their homes to…

Julia Freeman, an anonymous survivor

I write from my experience of being raised by a narcissist and being married to an abusive narc for over 20 years. I use my experience to help others live free.

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